Are you in an emotionally abusive or physically dangerous relationship? Are you struggling with bullying, sexual assault, alcohol abuse or suicidal thoughts? Do you just need help finding a therapist or support group?

211 is your first step on a path to safety and wellbeing. We’re a confidential, judgment-free, cost-free resource to aid women, men, teens and children who find themselves in situations of emotional and physical abuse or who need help getting out of dangerous or threatening living situations. We can help you recognize the signs of bullying and abuse and provide you with information about emergency shelters and safe houses as well as programs that provide a safe and confidential path out of domestic violence and emotional abuse.

This past Wednesday Jen dialed 211 looking for help with Christmas presents for her 7 year old daughter. Information and Referral Specialist, Elaine, answered her call. Jen confided that she had just recently left an abusive relationship and that she is staying with her sister until she gets back on her feet.  She opened up about how she would like custody of her daughter because her daughter’s father is “physically abusive and scary”.

Elaine provided her with resources for pro bono legal representation and had a discussion around housing. Jen also mentioned that she was only wearing flip flops and a light jacket because she “would rather go without than have [her] daughter have nothing”. Thankfully, there was a “Free Coats and Legal Clinics” event happening this week at Enoch Pratt.

They then began talking about therapy for both her and her daughter to which she was extremely receptive. It turns out that the mental health clinic is right down the street from where she is staying.

“This phone call has given me more hope than I ever thought possible. I have been beaten down for so long and told that I could never be anything. Just talking with you meant even more than all the resources you gave me. I never knew about this number or that this call would matter so very much.” 

-Maryland 211


Don’t wait another day. 211 can get you life-saving help when you don’t know where to turn. Start here for critical support and prevention programs to help prevent and survive bullying, sexual assault or alcohol abuse. No matter what problems you are dealing with, we are here to help. Learn about programs that offer temporary shelter and care for infants and children who have been subjected to abuse or neglect. We are also your connection to runaway and youth shelters that provide security and comfort when it isn’t safe to return home or remain on the streets. 211 also provides information about counseling programs and support groups to help you reestablish your safety and independence. Because everyone deserves the right to live free and without fear.