Housing + Utilities

If you're looking for access to safe, habitable, and clean housing, 211 can help. Whether you're in need of new housing, utilities assistance, or financial support for much-needed home repairs, we can direct you to the right resources.

Start here to find emergency shelters for individuals and families in crisis. Learn about programs that offer rental assistance, subsidized housing, and housing vouchers that can help families, the elderly and disabled individuals pay for housing.

I had an older lady come in with her granddaughter. They were in desperate need of security deposit and first month's rent. They were homeless currently… the granddaughter wasn't in school, they were struggling to get clothes, showers, etc. 

I explained to her what we could provide for her, I gave her some resources that could help her with first month's rent and deposit.  When she left, she was not as upset as she was when she came in and we were both helpful that one of those agencies could help her.

She turned around and came back a couple months later with her sister, and let me know that she did get the assistance she was looking for, she was now housed with her granddaughter, her granddaughter was in school, and now she wanted to see if we could provide the same resources to her sister.

-Mile High United Way 211 (Denver, CO)


If you’re struggling to keep up with your energy and utility bills, use 211 to find programs in your area that assist in bridging the financial gap. If you’re a homeowner, you may be able to take advantage of programs that provide loans and grants for much-needed repairs, including removing health and safety hazards. For renters, we offer information on fair housing and transitional housing options in your area. We can connect you to housing alternatives for the elderly and individuals who need support due to mental illness, disability or substance abuse so that everyone can have a safe and warm place to call home.