211 is committed to supporting all members of the community, including people coming out of correctional, alcohol and drug treatment, and mental health facilities.

Whether you are going through a lifestyle transition or are looking for a fresh start, our reentry portal is designed to help you successfully establish personal and professional stability within your community. If you need help with housing, employment, getting your GED, child care, staying drug-free, gender transition, or any other aspect of reentry, contact us.

If you are looking to move past a history of mental illness or substance abuse, turn to 211 for access to support and wellness programs, individual and group counseling, safe housing options, and education opportunities in your community.

If you’ve been incarcerated, assistance is available to you even before you are released. 211 has resources to help you complete essential identification documentation and find safe housing options where you can reside upon release. We can also help you learn about your rights as well as your obligations, connect with support groups in your area, and talk to a counselor about steps you can take to plan your future starting from the first critical hours post-incarceration. You’ll find resources to help you put together a clean, professional wardrobe and establish personal contact information (such as phone and email). 211 puts you in touch with services that help you live independently, complete your education, manage your money, and remain drug-free.

Because we believe that everyone deserves respect and a fair chance.